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Holiday cottages near Lindisfarne, the Holy Island

Lindisfarne, the Holy Island

To enjoy Holy Island or Lindisfarne as it was known you have to drive over a causeway that separates the island from the mainland, this is quite exciting especially if the tide is coming in. Don't forget to plan your visit and check the tide times. It’s a good idea to spend time taking in the stunning views of the Northumbrian coastline, enjoying the peaceful and spiritual surroundings of Lindisfarne Priory while delving into its history. A small community lives on Holy Island and welcomes visitors of all ages, they are more than happy to tell you about the history of this interesting island.

Do pay a visit to Lindisfarne Castle and the Priory ruins, these two historical sites are accessible if you rent one of our holiday cottages nearby. Why not visit the interesting museum and learn about St Cuthbert and how the Priory was developed or take a slow stroll to see the magnificent castle that stands guard over the harbour. It is now a home although it was used as a garrison up until 1901, visitors can have a look round the stone walled rooms and imagine historical figures roaming round in their military uniforms, rumour has it that the ghost of St Cuthbert haunts the Priory and parts of the castle.